Solve geomecánica

Areas of activity

Our staff has a wide experience in software for continuum media (FLAC®, FLAC3DTM), discontinuum media (UDECTM and 3DECTM) and grid generation (GRIDDLETM, BlockRanger) of Itasca Consulting Group Inc software. This software has many characteristics for a good praxis of modelling, according to every geotechnical problem:

  • Capacity to create complex 3D geometries.
  • Advanced constitutive models to simulate almost any type of behaviour, like creep, liquefaction, small/big deformations, etc.
  • Own programming language that allows simulate complex construction sequences, behaviours typical of certain materials, import of structural models created with ANSYS, Sofistik, SAP, etc.
  • Flow calculation and its interaction with the ground (hydro-mechanical coupling) reproducing mechanisms of consolidation.
  • Calculation on discontinuum media for the analysis of actions in fractured rock masses.
  • Thermal and dynamic analyses.