Solve geomecánica


Open pit


  • 3D stability analysis
  • Evaluation of support measures
  • Flow calculation
Ingenieros mineria cielo abierto
ingeniería cielo abierto
mineria ingenieria geomecánica
ingenieros de minas españa
Ingenieros de minas interior
ingeniería minas interior
Minería Ingenieros consultores en geomecánica
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  • Simulation of the behaviour of the rock mass: competent rocks, joints, layers, slates and evaporites
  • Deformation of the ground and analysis of supports in mining infrastructures (galleries, pits, caverns, intersections, etc.)
  • Stability and design of supports in mining rooms
  • Stability of room and pillar planes with or without backfill
  • Stability of crown pillars and interaction with strip pit bases
  • Simulation of mining by caving
  • Prediction of mining subsidence