Solve geomecánica


Embankment dams


  • Detailed zoning of materials in core, filters and casings
  • Advanced behaviour models
  • Calculation of groundwater flow model
  • Stability of upstream (pre-filled) and downstream (post-filled) embankments in static and pseudo static conditions
  • Stability of the clay core after discharge
  • Stability of slopes
  • Structural analysis of plinths and walls (on CFRD)
  • Structural analysis of auxiliary adits: bottom drainage galleries, spillways, etc
Presas de materiales sueltos ingenieros
Presas de materiales sueltos ingenieria españa
Presas de materiales sueltos ingenieros asturias
Presas de arco ingenieria
Presas de arco ingenieros españa
Presas de arco ingenieros asturias

Arch dams


  • Simulation of rock mass in discontinuum media (interaction between blocks)
  • Strain and stability of the founding during construction and after backfill
  • Structural analysis of concrete
  • Analysis of the opening of the joints between concrete blocks
  • Thermal analyses

Hydraulic constructions and surge tanks


    • Deformations of the ground and stresses in structures after initial loading of the transportation
Conducciones hidráulicas y chimeneas de equilibrio ingenieria